Sunday, August 16, 2015

Finn Has Arrived

While this is the blog of 'the president of MedStar Health Research Institute', I often get comments from you that you enjoy when I share personal stories so here goes.....

This weekend, the Weissman family expanded by one -  no, don't get any crazy ideas (my wife and I are too old for that!) - to my son's delight, we got a puppy!

Finn is a 8 week old English Cream (Golden) Retriever.  Its been a blast playing with him and seeing all the goofy energy, love and enthusiasm he has.  Even sweeping the floors today was a new experience with a puppy chasing after you. A special treat was when his 14 month old step brother (same father) came over for a visit - wow, he will get big!

Here are some pictures to share the enjoyment.


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