Wednesday, August 5, 2015

How Are We Doing?

Each year, MHRI conducts a 'Customer Satisfaction Survey' to find out how well we are doing supporting research across MedStar Health. While the term 'customer' is not often used in an academic environment, the concept of providing high quality service is fundamental to having an effective research institute. While we have many 'customers' (from the sponsors of research, the participants in research, and even serving each other within the research in institute), a key 'customer' is the investigator - MHRI needs to meet (and exceed) the investigators' needs so they can focus on the science. Besides giving us updated feedback, the survey is also a great source of information as we look forward to continually enhance our research services and offerings. 

I am pleased to report that this year’s results showed we exceeded our 2014 results in all categories. For example, 95% of participants 'Agree' or “Strongly agree” that MHRI personnel provide service in a professional and courteous manner, 79%  feel we consistently provide information in a timely manner, 75% that we promptly follow up on any outstanding issue, 81% that we effectively facilitate resolution of issues, and 82% communicate effectively.  Overall, the results also showed 83% of participants agree or strongly agree that MHRI provides a high-quality of customer service, compared to 71% in 2014. 

MHRI management team started to discuss and synthesize these results last week at our quarterly managers meeting and will review all the written comment.  The suggestions will then be incorporated into our FY16 operating plan so we can continue the journey from good to great!  Thanks to those that participated in the survey and gave us great feedback!

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