Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Plan on a Page

Did you know that MHRI creates an operating plan each year to lay out what we need to do in order to move the organization forward?

This plan is created from several different sources - we seek input from the managers (through the management councils), we conduct an internal assessment (called enterprise risk management) and we align with the MedStar system plan.  Some of the initiatives are multi-year undertakings so there is also some carry-over from year to year.

When we create the plan, we keep our 4 pillars in mind:
1. How do we grow and support the research across the system (Research Development)
2. What is the best way to maximize associate engagement, recruitment and retention (People)
3. How do we maximize the quality of our research so it is compliant and minimizes the risk (Compliance)
4.  And finally, how can we conduct research in an efficient manner to enhance productivity and workflow (Admin and Finance).

In short, we want to do top notch research, do it right and do it effectively and efficiently and we recognize that that is only possible with the best and brightest associates.

Take a look at the attached 'Plan on a Page' which is a one-page version of our 2015-2016 operating plan.


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