Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Instant Messaging Comes to MedStar

Guest Blogger: Clark Bean, Director, Office of Information Technology, MHRI

Effective tomorrow night, August 19th, MHRI will implement Microsoft Office Communicator- an application that will allow associates to communicate and collaborate with any individual, or group of users on the MedStar network using an instant message feature. While the greater goal of this tool is to ensure timely communication in case of an emergency, it's important associates know how to use the tool effectively.

Instant Messaging can also be used to quickly communicate questions or ideas to co-workers and improve day-to-day productivity.  As we become accustomed to this tool, we encourage departments to be creative with the use of this new capability.  

Because we, as a system, are so diverse, we may find this tool opens doors to different and effective ways of communication. 

Again, because the main purpose of this feature is to effectively communicate in before, after, or during an emergency, it's important that associates have the instant messaging feature functioning at all times. 

For more information and FAQs on Microsoft Office Communicator, visit our internal website portal here: http://starport.medstar.net/msh/IS/Pages/Office-Communicator.aspx

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