Thursday, January 12, 2017

Bringing Hope Through Research

Guest Blogger: Angela Thomas, MPH, MBA, Executive Director, Health Services Research Administration

Research!America is a large national not-for-profit organization and alliance committed to "making research to improve health" a higher national priority through advocacy, leadership, outreach, public opinion polls, and public education. MHRI is a proud member of Research!America’s national alliance. In December, I had the pleasure of representing MHRI at Research!America’s dedication of their Paul G. Rogers Conference Room. 

The Honorable Paul G. Rogers was known as “Mr. Health” when he served for over five decades as a United States Congressman. He was known for championing innovative, non-partisan, and non-confrontational solutions in support of research and health. He was famous for saying “Without research, there is no hope”. His list of accomplishments was so vast that it took two plaques to list just the most notable ones!   

When I learned about Congressman Rogers, what he stood for, and how his efforts significantly contributed to the advancements in research and health, I felt a sense of pride in the great work we do here at MHRI as we believe that “research brings hope”!  The event was a top notch reception that was well attended by local and national organizations that support research as well as his immediate and extended family including his wife, daughter, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews. I had the pleasure of chatting with many of them and hearing more about Congressman Rogers on a personal level. What a legacy he left behind that should give all of us a sense of pride that our research truly brings hope!



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