Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Jesuit Medical School Conference

Yesterday I had the privilege of presenting with Dr. Robert Clarke (Dean of Research at Georgetown) at the Jesuit Medical School Conference at Georgetown University. The four medical colleges at Jesuit universities (Georgetown, Loyola, St Louis Univ and Creighton) come together to share best practices. This year the theme was 'partnership' and Bob and I got a chance to share how MedStar and Georgetown are partnering on clinical research.  The other fun aspect was the reception the evening before at SiTEL (Simulation Training and Education Lab) hosted by Dr. Terry Fairbanks of MedStar Innovation Institute. People presented posters and had fun with the simulation 'dummies.'

Teaching Scholars Manon Schladen (MNRH) and Margeret Montgomery (Nurse midwife from MWHC) discuss their posters with a happy attendee over a glass of wine!

Course directors of the Teaching Scholars Program Peg Weissinger and Jamie Padmore seem just a little
too giddy with a dummy in cardiac arrest. Must have been that wine!

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  1. In vino veritas -- and it was a TRULY great gathering! Thanks for sharing these, Neil.