Monday, February 4, 2013

Lunch with the President

During the last town hall meetings, associates ask for more interaction with the executive team. "Lunch with the President" is an idea that came from our colleagues at the Hospital Center. Today we had the second lunch which was again a great success. These lunches give me a chance to meet with associates in an informal setting and learn more about what you do, things that you are concerned about and to hear your suggestions. It also ended up giving associates a chance to meet new colleagues and learn what they are working on.

Good food and good conversation. What more can anyone ask for!

If you are interested in having "Lunch with the President" ask your manager to nominate you. We have several lunches planned over the next few months both in Baltimore and Washington locations.

But this is suppose to be a conversation, so for those who attended a 'Lunch' or plan to, please post your comment!




  1. I enjoyed the positive experience the Presidents’ Luncheon provided. It was a great forum to interact with others across various departments and share suggestions, ask questions and/or make suggestions to Dr. Weissman. The food and decor was awesome. 

  2. I second Myisha's comment. I had a great time as well. I think this was a good avenue to meet colleagues from the other locations/departments and to develop better collaboration between the team members. Thank you for a great lunch! :-)

  3. I had a great time. Thank you for the opportunity to talk to Dr. Weissman face to face and meet colleagues from different departments.