Thursday, February 21, 2013

MedStar Teaching Scholars Launches 5th Class

Do you have any idea what is the MedStar Teaching Scholars Program?

This award-winning, 1-year educational program is for anyone involved in medical education and interested in learning how to apply the principles of research to medical education (i.e., medical education research). This is done through lectures, small group sessions, team based learning, journal club and a required research project.  Upon completion, participants receive a certification in Medical Education Research from the AAMC. Enrollment is in September and the class runs from February to December with a capstone in January (for more info, email

Today we kicked off the 5th class with representation from numerous MedStar entities with a broad area of expertise (physicians, nurses, a pharmacist, a statistician and a medical educator specialist).

Below Dr Stephen Evans, EVP of Medical Affairs and system Cheif Medical Officer for MedStar Health is welcoming the class with a lecture on medical leadership while Dean Mitchell (Dean of Georgetown Medical School) hosts the class first meeting.

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