Tuesday, February 19, 2013

MedStar and Georgetown Investigators Partner to Win Research Grants

You may have heard about our efforts to increase research collaboration between MedStar Health and Georgetown University. We held a retreat last fall with investigators from both organizations and one of the ideas generated was an intramural grant that fosters new MedStar-Georgetown collaborations with the goal of increased external grant funding.

The MedStar Health–Georgetown University Partnership Grants were launched as a demonstration of how important clinical research activity can be enhanced by building research partnerships across the institutions. During this first round, 15 new cross-campus collaborations applied for the Partnership grants and four were awarded after a peer-review process.

I’d like to offer another CONGRATULATIONS to the investigators, especially the MedStar investigators Drs. Shara, Umans, Zapas and Hardwick! We expect the announcement for the next round of PARTNERSHIP grants to be available this spring with an early summer submission date.

To see the list of grants awarded grants go to the link: http://www.medstarresearch.org/body.cfm?id=296&action=detail&ref=17

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