Thursday, March 21, 2013

What is CTTI and AIAMC?

Any idea what CTTI or AIAMC stands for? Yea, I didn't either before I became the president of MHRI. Well, these are two national organizations in which MedStar plays an important role.

CTTI  is the Clinical Trial Transformation Initiative. This private/public venture was established several years ago by the FDA and Duke Clinical Research Institute. The overall goal of the organization is to increase the quality and efficiency of clinical trials in the United States. CTTI now comprises more than 60 organizations from across the clinical trial enterprise. I am proud to serve on the steering committee. We had our bi-annual meeting on Tuesday this week and addressed many things relevant to our organization such as study start up, central IRB's, recruitment and retention of study subjects, study monitoring and the role of patient advocacy groups.  More information about CTTI at: If anyone is interested in getting involved in one of their projects listed on the website, please let me know.

AIAMC is the Alliance of Independent Medical Centers. As the name suggests, it is an organization of major academic medical centers and health systems committed to quality patient care, medical education and research. Leaders from MedStar helped found this organization about 20 years ago and I currently chair the research forum on behalf of MedStar. Today the Research Forum and the Executive Management Forum had a joint session (picture) about how a healthcare system can become a 'learning health care system' and the advantages it brings - a learning system allows research to influence practice and practice to influence research. More information about AIAMC at:

While these organizations may only be of modest interest to some, I do think it is important that you know that the MedStar name is out there (in a very positive light), at these national organizations that revolve around clinical research and academics. 
Teaching Scholar alumni from MedStar's GUH, Good Sam, Harbor and Union Memorial hospitals present posters with their residents at the AIAMC's National Initiative 3 'Poster Slam' event.

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