Sunday, July 28, 2013

Fitbit Fun

Since the last post was about wellness, I thought I would share this personal story with you.

Last week I recieved a Fitbit® as a gift.  At first, I really did not know what it was.  Well, turns out it is a modern day pedometer.  A fitbit is an electronic device that detects movement, has an accelerometer in it and can tell if you are climbing stairs. It automatically synchs to your mobile devices/ iPhone and the web.  So, for fun, I put it on. 

Well, as I finish my first week with this little device attached to my belt, I am a believer in the power information, feedback and leavaraging the goal-oriented person in each of us!

Yea, I was disappointed (but should not have been suprised) that during my 'office day' on Monday that I achieved less than 20% on each of my goal (steps, distance, stairs, very active period and calories).  Imaging my delight when I got an email in the middle of a busy day to congratulate me for my first day with over 5000 steps! When I finally made it to the gym Thursday night, you better believe I was sure to have my fitbit on in order to make sure it recorded the first time I finally achieve all 5 daily goals!

So that was week one.  Already I find myself standing at an elevator and looking at the stairs and saying 'if I take those stairs now, I can get all 5 flights I set for myself each day all in at once.' This is clearly an effective tool, for the people like me that are goal oriented, internally competitve to achieve higher levels and love electronic toys!  Even as I write this, I am  sneaking a peak to make sure I keep the virtual flower growing:

So that is my story - what is yours? Please share your health and wellness story with your MedStar associates to tell them how you promote well being and fitness fun!

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  1. I was just googling "Medstar" and "Fitbit" (wondering if there was a group of Fitbit users in Medstar) and came upon your blog. 10k every day is my mantra... and I usually manage to achieve it.

    Do you have any positions available for Med Techs at the MedStar Health Research Institute? ;)