Tuesday, July 9, 2013

New Hire Breakfast

Did you know that the highest 'risk' period for any employee is during the first year? The first year in any position is crucial.  Across all industries and across all companies, the highest turn over of associates is during this initial period. Why is this the case? Well, there are a lot of reasons. Sometimes the person and the position is not a good fit. Sometimes, expectations are not aligned. Other times, the 'on-boarding' to the new position is not adequate. 

At MHRI, based on suggestions from the associate survey and the managers' councils, we have taken steps to improve the on-boarding process. This renewed effort starts weeks before the associate arrives, to make sure they have the resources they will need on day one (e.g., computer, software access, etc).  The orientation process was also updated and expanded.

One of the new initiatives was 'New Hire Breakfast' where a few executives from MHRI have breakfast with a small group of associates that began at the Research Institute within the prior 6 months.  We talk about what is going well and where there are opportunities for improvement of the on-boarding process.  It is also a time that we can step back and talk about 'the big picture' - what is MedStar Health, what is MHRI and what is the vision of our organization.  In short, we discuss the greater purpose in our profession - how are we creating knowledge through research and advancing the health for our community.

The first year is a time to learn and absorb as much information you can about your new organization. It's a time to meet your colleagues and form professional relationships. But most importantly, it's a time to get off on the right foot and make sure every new associate recognizes that they are part of a proud organization that is changing the lives of people today and tomorrow - Moreso, they recognize that they have a voice in forming this organization into what we all want it to be!

This Monday, July 8, Karen Wade and I hosted a new hire breakfast and got a chance to meet a great group of new team members - thanks team and I look forward to working with you!

From left: Maria Hurtado, myself, Cynthia Yashinski,
Skarlet Patino Velasquez, Milvia Lagarda,
Meseret Deressa and Karen Wade. 


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