Thursday, May 2, 2013

MHRI Board of Directors

Did you know that MHRI has a Board of Directors?  That's right.  As a 501(c)3 (non-profit company) it has a Board of Directors and as President, I report to both the Board and up through the MedStar Health corporate executive leadership.  The Board oversees the research integrity, oversight of regulatory and compliance of research and provides strategic advice and guidance.  As an associate of MHRI, you will be very proud that we have a nationally recognized group of experts serving on the Board (full list at ) including people who have held (or currently hold) leadership positions at the FDA, Health and Human Services, American Diabetes Association, National Academy, Doris Duke Charitable Fund and the American Hospital Association.

Today we completed a two day Board retreat where we spent a lot of time examining the potential for Health Services Research (research on the delivery of care) at MedStar Health. To set the stage, we had lectures from our internal experts (Dr. David Mayer, the corporate VP of Quality and Safety, and Dr. Kelly Smith, the Scientific Director of Quality of Safety - bios at: and ). Drs. Mayer and Smith are leading the way to develop a robust patient safety program at MedStar that leverages an integrated research agenda.

We were also fortunate to have Dr. Jeffrey Brady, the Associate Director of the AHRQ (Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality) Center for Quality Improvement and Patient Safety.  He leads AHRQ’s Patient Safety Portfolio and serves as a member of the AHRQ Senior Leadership Team. His primary responsibilities include oversight and coordination of Agency-supported patient safety-related activities with a portfolio of $65M in this fiscal year. Attached is a picture of Dr. Brady giving his lecture on AHRQ's patient safety initiatives.

It was a stimulating conversation which will help guide our organization on its path forward to building a robust health services enterprise at MedStar. 

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