Wednesday, June 12, 2013

School may be out but ....

My son just 'graduated' from 5th grade and has started his summer vacation.  For many student, the summer is a time to relax and do something fun.  For many, but not for all!

For sixteen first year Georgetown medical students, this week was the start of their summer research internship at MedStar Health.  Through a competitive application process, these med students are working with clinical investigators across the system in a wide variety of medical specialties.  See the list below:

Many of us are fortunate to have a 'tipping point' event in our career that helped shape the rest of our professional life.  For me, the summer between 1st and 2nd year of medical school was such an event.  I was lucky enough to work with a wonderful cardiologist doing research in the echo lab at Cornell Medical College. Dr Dick Devereux became a life-long mentor who gave me a research experience that continues to live with me every day (and, it will be no suprise that 25 years later, we still collaborate on many studies, including emails earlier today working on an abstract). 

My dream is that these 16 students will have a similar experiences that show them the professional fulfillment of a research career and exposes them to the great research occuring at MedStar.

This  opportunity would not be possible with the generosity of the Pelligrini family endowment and the Pines-Kleinman families.  Thank you Bill, Pam, Wayne and Carol!

For more info, see the press release at: or follow on the MedStar Health Facebook page: (scroll down- it’s the #2 item on the left side).

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