Thursday, June 20, 2013

Creating the MedStar Georgetown Cancer Network Regulatory Team

About a month ago, a MHRI associate suggested having guest bloggers to cover areas that I am not personally involved in. This was a great suggestion and you will notice that many from the administrative team have since contributed posts. I want to extend the invitation to EVERYONE at MHRI to consider being a guest blogger and tell us about work going on in your area. 

Below is a guest blog from Colleen Kelly. It is a great example team development. Last month, I posted some of our survey results and the importance of teamwork (see teamwork post with picture of my son's baseball team). What I love about this story is that it tells about the formation of a new team and the creation of systemness. Thanks Colleen!

By: Guest Blogger Colleen Kelly, regulatory manager, MedStar Georgetown Cancer Network 

The MedStar Georgetown Cancer Network Regulatory team had their inaugural meeting at UTC earlier this month. It provided the opportunity for three previously separate cancer network teams to meet one another, discuss organizational plans/cancer network assignments and review projected IT initiatives. 

The new team includes MedStar Health Research Institute and Georgetown University regulatory associates. The MHRI cancer research teams are located at the Washington Cancer Institute (at MedStar Washington Hospital Center) and the Harry & Jeannette Weinberg Cancer institute (at MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center), and the Georgetown team is located on the campus of the Georgetown University Medical Center.   

Also in attendance were Becky Montalvo, MHRI, executive director, Oncology Research; Sharon Levy, Clinical Research Management Office (CRMO) director, Oncology Research at Georgetown University; and Colleen Kelly.

This was a positive ‘first step’ in the right direction to move the cancer network forward and provide each team member an opportunity to share new ideas, voice opinions and discuss team organization. 


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