Monday, July 27, 2015

MedStar 2020 Performance Transformation

The world is changing quickly around us and we need to always be thinking several steps ahead if we want to stay ahead of the changes.  That is, in large part, why research is so important to the future of patient care.

Just as research helps create the future of healthcare, performance transformation will help MedStar reinvent and reposition our care delivery systems and business operations to achieve ongoing efficiency and effectiveness.  

MedStar has undertaken a large, system wide initiative to transform HOW we deliver care so that it enhances systemness, supports large scale system wide 'transformations' and builds a sustainable culture to drive excellence, adaptability and change. To start, 57 'value opportunities' (identified from190 vetted ideas) are being worked on across broad areas like care management, clinical services, admin/support services and supply chain. These efforts involved more than 150 leaders in our organization and will result in a position of strength and sustainability for MedStar.  It is exciting to see MedStar undertake these initiatives and reassuring we, as an organization, are planning for the future.

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