Monday, July 20, 2015

MedStar 'Academics this Week'

At MHRI, we are well-versed in newsletters – we have Important Things to Know, Wellness, and Manager’s newsletters to keep us abreast of everything happening within our organization.

Recently, you may have noticed a new e-newsletter – Academics This Week, authored by my good friend and colleague, Jamie Padmore and sent out every Monday.

For those of you who don’t know her, Jamie Padmore is the Vice President of Academic Affairs at MedStar and the Associate Dean of Education for Georgetown University Medical Center. She lives and breathes education  – whether it’s through our graduate medical education program (the residents and fellows in our hospitals) or continuing medical education (the learning opportunities we provide clinician faculty to enhance their knowledge).

Her job is an important one because it completes the third prong of MedStar's vision to advance health. If you recall, MedStar Health’s “combines the best aspects of academic medicine, research and innovation with a complete spectrum of clinical services to advance patient care.” Academic medicine includes a broad range of activities and communities, and lately Jamie has been helping to bring them together from across the system and university. 

Did you know that when we look at all our residents and fellows at MedStar, we are the 11th largest GME program in the entire country with approximately 1,100 residents/fellows?

Jamie’s newly launched newsletter, Academics This Week, aims to keep that community engaged, as well as make the rest of MedStar aware of the plethora of education activities and opportunities happening within our organization.
Academics This Week also serves to highlight our partnership with our academic partner, Georgetown University Medical School, which is why you may have noticed some guest posts from the Dean of the School of Medicine, Dean Ray Mitchell.

I invite you to read Jamie’s newsletter, dive into the world of academia and feel free to make suggestions for topics you’d like to know more about.  If you aren't currently receiving this newsletter, please email Sara Ellis at

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