Monday, March 18, 2019

MedStar Research on EHR Safety Prominently Cited in Fortune Magazine

Over the past year, I’ve been able to write several times about the work that teams from MedStar Health are conducting into the usage of EHRs. From the initial research on the safety of the systems, to the collaborative conversation around implementation, to the pediatric perspective and the website & letter to congress, the MedStar Health’s National Center for Human Factors in Healthcare has been invested in the safety of patients.
Raj Ratwani, PhD, center director and scientific director of the MedStar Human Factors Center, has distinguished himself as a leading researcher of EHR safety and usability. He was one of the over 100 physicians, patients, IT experts and administrators, health policy leaders, attorneys, top government officials and representatives from EHR vendors who Fortune spoke with for their long-form piece, Death by a Thousand Clicks: Where Electronic Health Records Went Wrong.
Thank you, Raj & team, for your commitment to this important research!

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