Friday, March 15, 2019

Making Technology Work for Us: Successful EMR Access

Guest Blogger:Terri Moriarty, MSN
Research Nurse Coordinator

We are truly all electronic!

MCRC has completed its first completely electronic monitoring visit. Earlier this month, monitors from a CRO were SUCCESSFULLY granted read-only EMR access for final monitoring of participating study subjects. This was made possible through use of PowerTrials as part of our MedConnect System.

While this was no easy feat, this makes the monitoring process so much easier and efficient for everyone involved. The auditor functionality with PowerTrials allows for monitors to work independently, which frees up the coordinator’s time to screen and enroll more subjects.

With the implementation of PowerTrials back in 2018, this was a great usage of the tool for us.

This was a collaborative effort between MCRC administrative personnel, MCRN Administration and Coordinators, IT and HR. I would like to say a special “Thank You” to all involved over the past 3 months in making this happen. Kudos to Haley Call, Clark Bean and Kim Kemp for helping navigate the process of the correct completion of the ASAP tickets and coordination of reserving space for the team with computer access. I would like to thank Petros and Suman for assisting Ron and myself on the journey climbing this hill. To the IT Department, thanks to all who helped granting access to specific participants and lend a hand along the way.

While there were many cooks in the kitchen, we made a gourmet meal.

Note from Neil: The PowerTrials/MedConnect integration brought many benefits to our research program at MedStar.  It was implemented in part due to feedback from our research teams and I'm pleased that the system was about to deliver and make the process easier.

After the launch of the connection (details on the integration here), one of our clinical research coordinators shared his story on how the system helped him track an AE with his patient.

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